New Froe Char + Unur AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Hey friends!

so, many of you have noticed that the new Froe Char Lp and Unur cassette are released but not available for mailorder from MT.  Yeah.  Sorry about that.  You see, MT is a one person operation and i am rather far away from my tapes and records currently.  HERE IS THE SOLUTION!!!

you can order the Froe Char Lp in the US from the kind, wonderful folks at permanent records in chicago by clicking THIS LINK

you can still get it in Europe from Spielzeug Muzak

Both the Unur and Froe Char releases are also available in the US from Heaven Street Records in Brooklyn, Laurie’s Planet Of Sound in chicago and End Of An Ear in Austin, Tx.  Their websites aren’t the easiest to mailorder from but an email or phone call will get you taken care of.  they are all lovely people.  tell them i say “hi!”

in Europe you can find our stuff at WOOL-E-SHOP in Gent, Belgium and the amazing TRANSFORMER in Vienna, Austria.

Regular mailorder will resume in May and hopefully by the time i leave again i’ll have someone in line to help with the mailorder for the rest of the summer.  sorry for the confusion and complications.  thank you as always for your continued support of the music i make and love!

Froe Char + Unur Europe Tour 2014

Froe Char and Unur will be on tour in Europe Feb20-Mar07.  Bring them vegan treats, hugs, bionade, beer, some whiskey and most of all, every single one of your friends!

Download and Stream “Fossils”

Download and Stream “No Human Self”

spread the word. we’ll see you soon.
Feb 20- Milan, Italy @ Ligera w/ AU+

Feb 21- Ljubljana, Slovenia @ tba

Feb 22- Vienna, Austria @ TRANSFORMER

Feb 23- Brno, Czech Republic @ Boro w/ Leto

Feb 27- Leipzig, Germany @ Goldhorn

Feb 28- Berlin, Germany @ Urban Spree

Mar 1- Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora

Mar 4- Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo

Mar 5- Bruxelles, Belgium @ tba

Mar 6- Antwerp, Belgium @ Die Kleine Hedonist

Mar 7- Paris, France @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire

Unur “No Human Self” cassette/download OUT TODAY

Friends, today we find the digital release (tapes coming in a week or so) of the follow-up to Unur’s two previous Modern Tapes Eps/Genetic Music 12″.  This is the first proper full length to come from this nomadic one person band.  13 new songs of further evolved post-wave noir, created from an eclectic mix of vintage and modern analogue synthesizers washed with a haze of ever increasing guitar buzz. This is the next step.

European Tour with Froe Char February-March 2014 details SOON.

MT010- FROE CHAR “Fossils” 12″ Lp PREORDER!!!!

Friends, family, lovers, haters,

dec 22 marks a new day for Modern Tapes.  Our first vinyl release!!!

also our 10th release.  We don’t churn out recordings the way other labels do, slow and steady really works for us.  I like to think each release keeps upping the ante for the next. Don’t worry MT hasn’t forgotten you cassette lovers out there, there are some cassette releases in the near future too, and perhaps some more vinyl.  But now, to share this awesome chunk of dinosaur with you.

Fossils is the third release from Froe Char, the solo alias of Christina of the also amazing Parisian duo Illustration Sonore.  Where her first recordings as Froe Char writhed in distortion and doom Fossils pushes the rhythm to the forefront and breaks the synths through the haze creating an opaque yet completely minimal mutant wave masterpiece.

Simply put, i fucking love this record.

pre-order now. and get the download immediately.

Europe tour planned with Unur (who also has a new recording coming soon) in february 2014.

MT010 Froe Char “Fossils ” Lp COMING SOON!

2013 Has been an interesting year for MT.  there was much talk of a handful of cassette releases.  Time has turned one of these in to the first vinyl Lp by Modern Tapes.  What better way to celebrate our 10th release!

Froe Char aka Italian/Parisian Christina Lauro is also known as 1/2 of the duo Illustration Sonore who has an amazing Lp being released by the fantastic Medical Records label.  There have been a pair of previous Froe Char releases of dark beautiful ambiance but with “Fossils” she takes the distorted haze and murk of her prior work and uses it as a texture amid percolating synths and minimalist rhythms.  “Fossils” is the sultry minimal synth record for the experimental crowd or the noisy bleak record for the coldwave kids.  I once heard someone say “you can’t dance to pain” but this record really proves otherwise.

this record is the first in a collaborative effort between Modern Tapes and the amazing French label Spielzeug Muzak.  more info soon, but until then, here’s a teaser:




Unur European Tour!

Alright, so Unur is hitting the road or actually, the rails and is taking “Anywhere” well…anywhere.  Evolved versions of songs from the Ep as well as a bunch of new songs will be pushed through speakers toward the ears of the (somewhat) innocent.  I’ve also got some copies of the Modern Tapes Mix Tape as well as some other goodies that i’ll be (delicately) stuffing into a bag and dragging around europe.  Come say “hello”.

may 30- Barcelona, Spain @ La cova de les cultures
may 31- Montpellier, France @ Up & Down
June 1- Montaigu, France @ Foyer Des Jeunes
June 2- TRAIN to other side of Europe
June 3- Zabok, Croatia @ Zelena Dvorana
June 4- Koprivnice, Czech Republic @ Cajovna Mandala
June 5- Krakow, Poland @ Klub Re
June 6- Prague, Czech Republic @ 007
June 7- Brno, Czech Republic @ Vegalita
June 8- Vienna, Austria @ Fluc
June 9- Berlin, Germany @ King Kong Klub
June 10- Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
June 11- Metz, France @ Bar Le Rubis
June 12- Mannheim, Germany @ Abbruch & Demontage
June 13- day off in Berlin
June 14- Potsdam, Germany @ Kuze
June 15- Dresden, Germany @ Ostpol
June 16- Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo
June 17- day off in Paris
June 18- Paris, France @ mecanique ondulatoire

Modern Tapes Mix Tape available for download!

After a wonderful Staring Problem show/Third Wave DJ set/Modern Tapes giveaway last night we’re making the compilation available for download off the label’s bandcamp site.  It will be put up via itunes and stuff like that in a few weeks, but for now go grab it from us!



Catholics And The Pill “Cool Dick”
Unur “Pillows”
Prom Concussion “Cicada Swell”
Staring Problem “Tegnology”
Locks “Segments”
All Men Of Lidice “5×5”
Radar Eyes “Gonna Make You Cry”
Portable Morla “The Condos” (Iron Curtain cover)
Guitar Party “Robot Worms”
Mit Gas “Divorce”
Jesus Heels “Talking Priest”