Unur European Tour!

Alright, so Unur is hitting the road or actually, the rails and is taking “Anywhere” well…anywhere.  Evolved versions of songs from the Ep as well as a bunch of new songs will be pushed through speakers toward the ears of the (somewhat) innocent.  I’ve also got some copies of the Modern Tapes Mix Tape as well as some other goodies that i’ll be (delicately) stuffing into a bag and dragging around europe.  Come say “hello”.

may 30- Barcelona, Spain @ La cova de les cultures
may 31- Montpellier, France @ Up & Down
June 1- Montaigu, France @ Foyer Des Jeunes
June 2- TRAIN to other side of Europe
June 3- Zabok, Croatia @ Zelena Dvorana
June 4- Koprivnice, Czech Republic @ Cajovna Mandala
June 5- Krakow, Poland @ Klub Re
June 6- Prague, Czech Republic @ 007
June 7- Brno, Czech Republic @ Vegalita
June 8- Vienna, Austria @ Fluc
June 9- Berlin, Germany @ King Kong Klub
June 10- Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
June 11- Metz, France @ Bar Le Rubis
June 12- Mannheim, Germany @ Abbruch & Demontage
June 13- day off in Berlin
June 14- Potsdam, Germany @ Kuze
June 15- Dresden, Germany @ Ostpol
June 16- Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo
June 17- day off in Paris
June 18- Paris, France @ mecanique ondulatoire