Modern Tapes Mix Tape available for download!

After a wonderful Staring Problem show/Third Wave DJ set/Modern Tapes giveaway last night we’re making the compilation available for download off the label’s bandcamp site.  It will be put up via itunes and stuff like that in a few weeks, but for now go grab it from us!



Catholics And The Pill “Cool Dick”
Unur “Pillows”
Prom Concussion “Cicada Swell”
Staring Problem “Tegnology”
Locks “Segments”
All Men Of Lidice “5×5”
Radar Eyes “Gonna Make You Cry”
Portable Morla “The Condos” (Iron Curtain cover)
Guitar Party “Robot Worms”
Mit Gas “Divorce”
Jesus Heels “Talking Priest”