Modern Tapes Mix Tape available today!

Hey Friends,

So the Staring Problem, Unur and Guitar Party tapes are flying through their first pressings warranting a second for each, that’s cool, should be available in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the wonderful Chicago beverage establishment, The Whistler, does a weekly “50 free records” giveaway so we put together a tape comp with bands from the label, coming to the label or just friends of the label.  The result is an 11 song 30+ minute collection of cool post-punk, minimal synth, dirge folk, and other weirdness.

We’re giving 50 of them away for free today at the Whistler, but will make the comp available in the near future for pay what you can download and have physical copies for sale for a meager price on the release page.  Keep your eyes peeled.


Catholics And The Pill “Cool Dick”
Unur “Pillows”
Prom Concussion “Cicada Swell”
Staring Problem “Tegnology”
Locks “Segments”
All Men Of Lidice “5×5”
Radar Eyes “Gonna Make You Cry”
Portable Morla “The Condos” (Iron Curtain cover)
Guitar Party “Robot Worms”
Mit Gas “Divorce”
Jesus Heels “Talking Priest”