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mt041- Violetiger ‘Transformation’ 12″
The debut from this Vienna based duo finds Violet Candide aka Peppy Pep Pepper, also from Mitra Mitra teaming up with the enigmatic Tigerlilly to bring us 5 tracks of stark, hook-filled, DIY, minimal synth greatness. A stellar introduction to this new project.

mt040- Staring Problem ‘Eclipse’ LP
Early goth overtones, proto-shoegaze allure and raw DIY production have informed this incredible collection of songs. With themes ranging from flora and fauna, love and loss to science fiction, Staring Problem gives us their strongest work to date in celebration of their and Modern Tapes’ 10th year not only in collaboration but in existence.


mt037- Closing.- “I” cassette
Dissonant drones and a hissing but murky ambience. The sound of isolation, slumber, depravity, rebellion, lonliness, whatever you want to project onto it. Grim minimalism for weary ears.

mt036- Human Aspic “The True History Of The American Human Salvage Program” cassette
Harsh noise expose of the unspoken usage of human originated meat as a part of the american food supply since 1942.


mt035- Dosis Letalis “Surroundings” cassette
this prolific serbian noise wall artist goes understated for his modern tapes debut. static and what feels like the hum of living are buried underneath the textures, ambient in an uncomfortable way.

mt034- Verhalten “Corrupted Structures v.3” cassette
third in the series of releases focused on humanity’s obsession with designing its own obsolescence. This time the focus is pointed inward. Electromagnetic field recordings from various points in the town where this transient sound mangler was raised. Chopped up, spit out in misaligned patterns and clipped beyond recognition.

mt033- LANA “Lana” cassette
a 6song, 1 track tribute to Lana Tisdel. An imagining of a forlorn and angry karaoke set. Blown out and lonely. Distorted synthesizers and drum machines wail away.

“The scene is a karaoke bar where Brandon Teena’s lost love sings to her former lover hoping she can mean what she sings enough that Brandon will hear it. The room is smoky and everyone is a little drunk, but everyone sits rapt as Lana spills out her heart through a set of old favorites.”

mt032- Peppy Pep Pepper “Granny Chic” cassette
The second solo release (the first was on Transformer Music) by 1/2 of Mitra Mitra and Violetiger. Cold and beautiful synth and drum machine constructions from Vienna’s one and only Violet Candide.


mt031 Scholl “Angesichts Konstanter” cassette
augmented debut release by this new project from Peter Keller (Unser Verhängnis, Condo Horro, Dosenöffner, Bacillus, ad infinitum). repetitive noise for a paranoid dancefloor that doesn’t exist.

mt030 Dosenöffner “Push For Signal” cassette
the duo of Peter Keller (aka Unser Verhängis, Scholl, Condon Horro, Bacillus) and Casey Chittenden Jones creates evolving textures of modular noise ranging from the harsh to the understated. an intriguing collection of improvised sounds captured live.


mt029 Verhalten “Corrupted Structures v.2” cassette
Second in a continuing series of releases for Verhalten. Distorted rhythms are woven with crackling walls of noise and syncopated sine waves pushing the further reaches of the audio spectrum. An exercise in tonality, texture and repetition. A minimalist exploration of the structures humanity creates to its own detriment.

mt028 Rien “the Grey Tape” cassette
the sound of implosion, of sound eating itself. we hear what is left behind.
stellar static-noise and sub sonic minimalism from this prolific swedish provocateur.

mt027 Verhalten “Corrupted Structures v.1” cassette
The first in a series of releases for Verhalten further weaving distorted rhythm with crackling walls of noise. An exercise in texture and repetition. A minimalist paean to humanity’s penchant for building something to inevitably tear it down.

mt026 Verhalten “Number” cassette
A new installment of modular cacophony rooted in the concept of incredulousness. Connecting Verhalten’s distorted, rhythmic and melodic work with his more static, noise-based wall textures. Number as in identity but also as a poorly articulated feeling of being more numb.

mt025 Shaan “Notes From A Peculiar Space In Time” cassette
A minimalist electronic conversation from satellite to satellite. A stark and curious debut for this fantastic Serbian assembler of sounds.


mt024 Unser Verhängnis “Peace Is A Lasting Legacy When The Earth Is A Silent Grave” double cassette
Ambient noise walls for the contemplation of our undoing. double cassette from this project of the ever prolific Peter Keller aka Condo Horro. Grim ambience.

mt023 Volhnn “artefact” cassette
ambient noise wall project of this French provocateur, otherwise known by his Chier alias. Bleak and cold.

mt022 Verhalten “Forgiveness” 12″ vinyl edition. (cassette out of print)
Verhalten returns with a collection of tracks based around brutalist rhythm and slow melody. Well, underneath the layers of static and feedback that is.

mt021 Verhalten “Oxter” cassette
Further evolution into the deeper realms of noise, Verhalten returns with a claustrophobic din of modular cacophony. Harsh noise walls give way to an almost ambient conclusion.  The first in a series of HNW assemblies.


mt020 Staring Problem “Ghost / Lifelines” 7″ single
For our 20th release, Modern Tapes welcomes the return of our friends who started it all, Staring Problem.  Two brand new installments of Lauren and Alix’s patented brand of minimalist, melancholy and magnificent post-punk.  Happy to have them back!

mt019 Worker/Parasite “Escitalopram” cassette
After a series of impressive releases of hardware based techno for labels like Opal Tapes and Classicworks, Oakland’s Worker/Parasite comes to Modern Tapes with 6 tracks of more experimental work made using only an MPC and the Axoloti, an open platform digital synthesizer.  Escitalopram is an impressive expansion of an already intriguing sound palate further connecting abstract sound design with the weirder corners of the dancefloor.

mt018 Unur “Halt And Start” cassette

Overdue follow up to 2015’s “the key broke off in the lock” Ep. Four songs of urgent post punk/synth wave from Modern Tapes resident troubador. Silkscreened black cardstock jackets, limited edition of 50.

mt017 Verhalten “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” cassette

Debut of this new project from Unur’s patrick scott.  While Unur focuses more on stories of broken selves and melodic coldwave, Verhalten finds its noir-ish minimalism in radio static and rhythm.  Industrial, noise and muted dark techno all make their presence known.  This project has been brewing in various forms for a few years, this is its debut.  silkscreened black cardstock jackets limited edition of 50.

mt016 Mitra Mitra “s/t” cassette
debut full length from this Vienna based duo. Fantastic, infectious minimal synth. We’ve returned to the silkscreened jackets, especially for this release, gorgeous all around.


mt015- Portable Morla “Confront The World” cassette
She made her MT debut way back on the MT mix tape (mt004!!) Her last full-length was released in 2010, its been a long time coming for this one, and we’re really excited for it. Beautifully constructed minimal synth for all you fabulous space introverts out there!  8 songs of awesome!

mt014- Unur “The Key Broke Off In The Lock” cassette
four songs keeping the taste in our mouths until the next lp comes our way.  A brand new song, an all synth version of “Meanwhile…” from the first cassette, a Smog cover and a minimalist modular+synthi workout.

mt013- Froe Char “Foreigner Skin” cassette
split release with our friends at Spielzeug Muzak in Paris.  4 new songs of further evolved dark synth mastery.

mt012- Cellule 34 “s/t” cassette
another split release with Spielzeug Muzak.  4 song collection of post punk guitars and lo-fi synth tracks from various compilations for this new brussels based artist.


mt011- Unur “No Human Self” cassette
After a pair of Modern Tapes Eps collected conveniently onto vinyl by the kind folks at Genetic Music, Unur has returned with his first proper full-length.  13 new songs of further evolved minimalist post-wave noir.


mt010- Froe Char “Fossils” 12″ Lp
Fossils is the third release from Froe Char, the solo alias of Christina of the also amazing Parisian duo Illustration Sonore.  Where her first recordings as Froe Char writhed in distortion and doom Fossils pushes the rhythm to the forefront and breaks the synths through the haze creating an opaque yet completely minimal mutant wave masterpiece.  Simply put, i fucking love this record.
***split release with the awesome Spielzeug Muzak label from Paris, if ordering from Europe/overseas shipping will be considerably cheaper from HERE

mt009- Bootblacks “Narrowed” cassette
4 songs of slinky post-punk.  Pounding yet tasteful drums, grinding bass, guitar like a lasso and vocals that will make your skin crawl while you swoon.  pop music for deviants to say the least.  happy to have them as part of the MT family.


mt008- YOU. “Brick” cassette
6 song mini-lp of buzzing, wailing, grinding minimal synth from this Brooklyn conglomerate.  Cassette version of the vinyl being released by Blind Prophet records.  This version features a song not on the vinyl.

mt007- Gel Set “Cell Jets” cassette
6 songs of hazy, spacey, sparse minimal synth from this wonderful chicago artist.  We’re very happy to have her as part of the Modern Tapes family.

mt006- Unur “Anyone” cassette
4 new songs of drum machines, synths, guitars, and blurred vocals.  Comparisons have included everything from The Wake and Kas Product, to Wall Of Voodoo.  The companion piece to the “Anywhere” cassette.  Compiled on the Genetic Music vinyl 12″ release “Anywhere / Anyone”.

mt005- Momentform “Four Days” cassette
6 songs of fantastic French coldwave from this young Parisian musician.  Catchy bass lines and synths in every direction.


mt004- Various Artists “Modern Tapes Mix Tape” C30
11 song compilation made as a giveaway for the Chicago bar The Whistler’s “50 Free Records” night.   Bands on the label, soon to be on the label, or just friendly to the cause.  Staring Problem, Unur, Guitar Party, Catholics and The Pill, Prom Concussion, Portable Morla, Locks, Radar Eyes, All Men Of Lidice, Mit Gas, and Jesus Heels.

mt003- Guitar Party “birthday” C30
12 song full length of beautiful guitar atmospherics, lo-fidelity experiments and primitive songwriting.  A family affair in collaboration with some of the Twin cities’ finest minds.


mt002- Unur “anywhere” C15
4 song ep of drum machines, analog synths, fuzzy guitars, and smeared vocals.  All telling tales of tiny apocalypses.

mt001- Staring Problem “s/t” C20
8 songs of Catchy, dark, post punk from the bowels of southern Illinois with a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.