YOU. “Brick” cassette AVAILABLE NOW!

Ladies, Gentlemyn, Clergy, Pagans, Vegans, Goths, Nrrds and other perverts (i mean it in the positive way).  The brand spanking new release by Brooklyn New York’s YOU. is available NOW.  6 songs of bent synths and unsettling voices.  Very happy to have this as part of the Modern Tapes stable.  ENJOY!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a long minute but Modern Tapes had returned from it’s all too long hibernation to unleash three fantastic tapes on your ears, eyes, and the rest of your faces!

mt005- Momentform “Four Days” 6 song cassette
FRENCH + SYNTH + AWESOME = Momentform!

mt006- Unur “Anyone” 4 song cassette
New songs of synths, guitars and made beds being slept in.

mt007- Gel Set “Cell Jets” 6 song cassette
great introduction to the hazy minimal synth coming from this exciting new Chicago artist.

to listen to, purchase tapes, download, etc. go HERE

or visit the Modern Tapes bandcamp page

Thanks for your patience, next tape on deck- YOU. “Brick” cassette version of the 12″ coming soon on Blind Prophet Records.


Hey everyone, the next batch of releases have been delayed by two things.  1. A back up at the manufacturing plant (i can’t keep dubbing tapes myself, my deck is almost broken at this point, plus i can print on them too!) and 2. I’ve been on tour pretty consistently since January.  so it looks like JUNE will be when you can expect four new releases from Modern Tapes.

here’s what’s coming!

MT005- MomentForm “Four Days” fantastic French coldwave in the tradition of all the greats but with a voice all its own.

MT006- Unur “anyone” four new songs from chicago’s Unur.  The “Anywhere / Anyone” 12″ on Genetic Music is a collection of these songs with the now out of print “Anywhere” cassette from last year.

MT007- Gel Set “Cell Jets” awesome EP of hazy minimal synth spaceouts by this awesome Chicagoan.

MT008- YOU. “Bricks” cassette companion to this Brooklyn synth outfit’s upcoming Lp on Blind Prophet.

the new UNUR 12″ titled “Anywhere / Anyone” will be available in June from the wonderful people at Genetic Music.

There will be a series of record release shows in May and June.

May 20, 2012 Berlin, Germany @ Magnet w/ Agent Side Grinder
June 7, 2012 Brussels, Belgium @ Le Café Central w/ Bonjour Tristesse
June 27, 2012 Chicago, Illinois @ The Burlington w/ Hot Guts (philly, Blind Prophet Recs), Bootblack (brooklyn), and Running (chicago, permenant recs)

Unur will tour europe again in September 2012, contact unurism (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in helping out!


Just a little teaser to let all you folks know that there is a bunch of activity in the Modern Tapes stable.

Staring Problem has new vinyl coming soon from a friend’s label.
as does Unur, from a different friend’s label.

we’ve got three new releases coming in the next few months as well.  Some Chicago, some Brooklyn and some France.  If we’re lucky, perhaps a little Carbondale as well…

Unur/patrick  is doing the sound design for an independent feature film to be released in April.  Mit Gas will be on the soundtrack as will others.

Staring Problem on tour in the spring
Unur too
same with some of the new artists.

can i be more vague or cryptic?

Guitar Party “birthday” available from us today! Tapes and other digital outlets soon.

Hey Everyone,

The greatest band to collect some of my favorite people in the world have given us their debut recording to unleash to the drooling public!  It is the 8 person 4 guitar whirlwind of serene drones and sweet tunes and jagged riffage known as Guitar Party.  Featuring Jeremy (alpha consumer, andrew bird, fog) and Mijah (age 6) Ylvisaker with a list of Minneapolis’ finer musicians- Michael Larsen (eyedea-RIP), Andrew Broder (fog, heatdeath, the cloak ox), Haley Bonar (haley bonar), Michael Lewis (fat kid wednesdays, andrew bird, gayngs) and Jacob Hansen.

and one last thing, ModernTapes has a facebook page, join the gang to get updates and junk.

First three releases on their way!

It’s been a long and bumpy road getting here.  In the coming month or so (i’m hoping before the first of the year) we’ll have our first three releases.

mt001- Staring Problem “s/t” 8 song ep – catchy and dark post punk from this carbondale, il. trio.
mt002- Unur “anywhere” 4 song ep – analog drum machines and synths mix with some fuzzy guitars and smeared singing to tell us about each of our own apocalypses
mt003- Guitar Party “tba” ?song lp – 4 guitars, drums, and a six year old frontwoman.  imagine Glen Branca, Kleenex and Old Skull at the same time, now go to bed.

all will be available as limited edition cassettes in hand printed cardboard cases as well as digitally at our bandcamp page and via itunes, emusic, amazon, etc.

more news shortly.