Froe Char / Cellule 34 / Unur Midwest & East Coast US tour April-May 2015

Froe Char is crossing the atlantic (for the first time!) and bringing the awesome Cellule 34 from brussels with her.  They will be teaming up with Unur to play a mess of dates in the midwest and on the east coast including a pair of experimental sets alongside a video installation as part of CIMM Fest in chicago!  If you want them to come perform in your DIY space, Bar, Taco Shack, Gastropube, Basement, 0r Public Restroom send an email to mdrntps ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com.

Froe Char + Unur Europe Tour 2014

Froe Char and Unur will be on tour in Europe Feb20-Mar07.  Bring them vegan treats, hugs, bionade, beer, some whiskey and most of all, every single one of your friends!

Download and Stream “Fossils”

Download and Stream “No Human Self”

spread the word. we’ll see you soon.
Feb 20- Milan, Italy @ Ligera w/ AU+

Feb 21- Ljubljana, Slovenia @ tba

Feb 22- Vienna, Austria @ TRANSFORMER

Feb 23- Brno, Czech Republic @ Boro w/ Leto

Feb 27- Leipzig, Germany @ Goldhorn

Feb 28- Berlin, Germany @ Urban Spree

Mar 1- Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora

Mar 4- Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo

Mar 5- Bruxelles, Belgium @ tba

Mar 6- Antwerp, Belgium @ Die Kleine Hedonist

Mar 7- Paris, France @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire

Froe Char “Fossils” Lp OUT NOW + TOUR + new Unur!

The Froe Char Lp has been out for a few weeks now, it is awesome and going fast, pick up your copies now!  Especially since mailorder will be halted from Feb 10- Mar 10 because I’ll be in Europe touring with Unur and Froe Char!  Specific dates coming soon but this will be a handful of new places and some familiar ones too.

also, on Feb 2, 2014 the new Unur 13 song cassette “No Human Self” will be set free into the wild.  Limited edition, silkscreened jackets, blah blah blah.  more on that next week.

expect a big update SOON!

thanks for all of your support!

MT010- FROE CHAR “Fossils” 12″ Lp PREORDER!!!!

Friends, family, lovers, haters,

dec 22 marks a new day for Modern Tapes.  Our first vinyl release!!!

also our 10th release.  We don’t churn out recordings the way other labels do, slow and steady really works for us.  I like to think each release keeps upping the ante for the next. Don’t worry MT hasn’t forgotten you cassette lovers out there, there are some cassette releases in the near future too, and perhaps some more vinyl.  But now, to share this awesome chunk of dinosaur with you.

Fossils is the third release from Froe Char, the solo alias of Christina of the also amazing Parisian duo Illustration Sonore.  Where her first recordings as Froe Char writhed in distortion and doom Fossils pushes the rhythm to the forefront and breaks the synths through the haze creating an opaque yet completely minimal mutant wave masterpiece.

Simply put, i fucking love this record.

pre-order now. and get the download immediately.

Europe tour planned with Unur (who also has a new recording coming soon) in february 2014.


Hey Folks,

we’re clearing house over here in MT-land.  Making room for some new things and trying to get some really awesome records into the hands of people who might not otherwise go for a 2xLp of demos from an obscure synth duo from the netherlands ($14 for an import 2xLp though!!)  Seriously, everything in the distro is awesome and something i would have been proud to release.  Some stuff is pretty obscure, much of it is European but follow some links and investigate a bit and you’ll find some awesome things that few places in the states have and NO ONE has at prices this good.

I’m not sure how long i’m going to run the sale but go for it!  Take a chance, you won’t be sorry.

BOOTBLACKS tour and tape!

the tour is going great and still has some shows left.  They are out of records and tapes and we’re just about out of tapes.  yup, just two weeks after its release MT009 BOOTBLACKS “narrowed” is almost out of print, there are about 3 copies left as of this evening.

here are the dates for the tour:

05.04. d-potsdam @ black fleck
06.04. pl-wroclaw @ druga fala (ex-falanster) (start: 8p.m.!)
07.04. at- wien @ au (free entry, start 8p.m.!)
08.04. slo-ljubljana @ menza pri koritu
09.04. i-udine @ cas’aupa
10.04. i-perugia @ rework
11.04. i-roma @ dalverme
12.04. i-reggio calabria @ circolo 79
13.04. i-messina @ retronoveau
14.04. i-fasano @ circolo eliogabalo
15.04. i-taranto @ la corte dei miracoli
16.04. i-napoli @ cellar theory
17.04. i-milano @ ligera + NEGOT (
18.04. ch-rathausen/luzern @ milchhof 2 + THEE IRMA & LOUISE (9 p.m.!!!)
19.04. d-leipzig @ plagwitz bermudadreieck + MONARK (10 years MONOZID party)
20.04. d-berlin @ schokoladen (8 p.m.!!!)

Bootblacks “Narrowed” Cassette (mt009) Available for pre-order!

Modern Tapes is very proud to present “Narrowed” the band new 4 song cassette Ep from Brooklyn, Ny’s Bootblacks.  Imagine all your post-punk/death rock heroes had an orgy.  This is the band that would be providing the live soundtrack amid pulses of strobelights, washes of fog and spurts of lubricant.  They have a sound, they have the songs.  enjoy.  release happens april 2nd, for you at least.

Modern Tapes distro store is online!

Hey everyone,

at long last the Modern Tapes distro/store is online.  We’ve got releases from great labels like- Blind Prophet, Dark Entries, Genetic Music, La Forme Lente, No Em Blanc and a bunch more.  Focusing mostly on smaller pressings and releases hard to find in the US or outside of shows by the artists themselves.  It is a work in progress for sure, but it is up and running!  CLICK HERE and browse, make an order if you see something you like, and don’t forget to pick up some of our releases as well!

speaking of which, we’ve got a couple new releases coming soon, more details once they’re being manufactured/printed.