Following up both of their excellent cassettes from 2021 both PERMANENT (Durham, NC’s Mimi Luse) and PEPPY PEP PEPPER (Vienna’s Violet Candide) have committed fantastic clusters of sound to vinyl.

PEPPY records are delayed until Jan 18, 2023 ALL MAILORDER will be on hold until then.

mt050- PERMANENT ‘Hunger Or Nausea’ 12″
Branching out from the bedroom synth of their debut, 2021’s ‘Social Disease’, Durham, North Carolina’s Mimi Luse moves her Permanent moniker more toward more distorted and sample heavy, rhythmically complex clanging industrial-tinged take on DIY basement techno complete with a final track based around a sample made from a melted Janet Jackson record. A migration that was alluded to previously but goes straight for the throat here. A deliciously deviant collection of overdriven beats and tormented sound design.

mt049- PEPPY PEP PEPPER ‘Decline’ LP
After 3 solo tapes and three LPs with the duos Mitra Mitra and Violetiger it is time for the solo vinyl full length debut from Vienna, Austria’s Violet Candide. On ‘Decline’ she hones her synthcraft to a fine point peppering it with her signature dry yet somehow playful vocal delivery. A fascinating and layered exploration of minimal synth from one of the contemporary Euro-scene’s finest.


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