Peppy Pep Pepper and LANA

March 20, 2020 sees the release of two new releases from two old friends of the label. Both in the works for a while and also a return to more synth based songs where the label has been pushing more and more into the noise and experimental realm as of late. Don’t worry, though, there is still plenty of weird noisy shit up our sleeves coming soon as well.

mt032- Peppy Pep Pepper- Granny Chic– C40
a friend of the label for a number of years now, Violet Candide made her debut (outside of the DJ booth that is) with the duo Mitra Mitra (mt016) and has returned with a stellar solo offering. Her second (the first on Transformer music) and first proper full length solo release of cold and beautifully constructed minimal synth.

mt033- LANA – S/T– C25
this release has been in the works since Nail Club and Verhalten toured florida together in 2018. Sara takes on a new solo alias as LANA, jumping into the midwestern midnight mourning world of Lana Tisdel.
“The scene is a karaoke bar where Brandon Teena’s lost love sings to her former lover hoping she can mean what she sings enough that Brandon will hear it. The room is smoky and everyone is a little drunk, but everyone sits rapt as Lana spills out her heart through a set of old favorites.”
distorted and melancholy. just how we like it. a moving tribute.

both are physically sold out from Modern Tapes.

Kernkrach has just a couple copies of the LANA tape left for those of you in the EU.